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locavore lō′kə-vôr″

One who mainly eats locally produced food, especially within a specified radius of one's home.
One who tries to eat only locally grown foods.

Completed, few issues, weather was meant to be closing in so skinned the polytunnel in a breeze, leason learnt.

Weekend coming to a close, all posts concerted in, biggest job left are the slabs to be put down.

Always wee challenges, a tree root for last end hole, totally recommend small tree pruning saws, for this type of job the cheapest ones are the best, why blunt an expensive saw.

Willow cut down and planted else where, more digging, earth being used else where to get a level growing area.

Power line running under food growing area, forced position chosen for hydroponic area, now have to decide how far to cut back living willow screen hedge.

Turfing coming along, outline where polytunnel going can now be seen.

1st "trench" dug, far deeper but was where tree roots dug out a few years ago.

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